Diesel Engine Machine Shop in Abilene

Since 1983, South Houston Engine has had the honor of serving our neighbors in Abilene, Texans, and customers all around the country. Our diesel machine shop is locally run and locally owned, and it is fully bonded, insured, and licensed. We only hire the most skilled, competent, and seasoned people because we have such a strong reputation to uphold – including an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. Our customers rely on us to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship with every diesel engine service, and our mission is always to exceed their highest expectations. We even provide written warranties on all machine and engine work because your peace of mind is priceless. Reach out today to tell us all about your needs and learn firsthand what distinguishes us as a trusted name in the Abilene community!

Diesel Engine Services

Diesel trucks are integral to the functioning of our country, tirelessly transporting goods ranging from food and clothing to vehicles and much more. As they endure constant travel on highways and roads, they suffer significant wear and tear. The continuous use of diesel engines makes them highly susceptible to failure. Given this reality, diesel engines demand a high level of attention to ensure optimal performance and dependability. In the case of critical component failure, the typical choices involve either engine rebuilding or replacement. South Houston Engine is renowned for our diesel engine rebuilding service. We take great pride in promptly returning America’s remarkable truckers to their vital roles and ensuring minimal downtime.

Our qualified diesel engine repair experts are ready to apply their knowledge to the task, whether it’s a large V-12 Caterpillar or a small 2-cylinder Kubota. We’re committed to meeting your needs individually, adapting our services to suit your engine’s size and complexity. Rather than operating as brokers or resellers, we dedicate ourselves to engine production and diesel engine remanufacturing with a completely hands-on approach. Every engine that enters our diesel engine machine shop undergoes a transformation guided by our meticulous craftsmanship. Recognizing the urgency of returning your diesel truck to the road, we extend nationwide shipping at reduced freight rates by sharing our cost savings with our cherished customers.

Throughout the engine reassembly process, we maintain rigorous quality controls to guarantee that your engine meets or surpasses its original factory standards. Quality is at the forefront of our operations, reflected in the rigorous testing methods applied before the engine’s release to ensure its reliability and performance. With precision and attention to detail, our skilled technicians manage every aspect of the process, including thorough cleaning, meticulous inspections, precise machining, and careful assembly. Each of our services comes with a thorough written warranty, giving you assurance in our commitment to quality. From major engine rebuilds to minor adjustments, rely on our capable team to address your diesel engine needs with ease.

Electronic Bolt Extraction

Electronic bolt extraction utilizes cutting-edge electronic devices to carefully loosen stuck bolts without risking harm to neighboring parts. By utilizing controlled vibrations or force, these tools excel at extracting bolts that are corroded or overly tightened. Their use accelerates the repair process while mitigating the potential for harming components during disassembly or rebuilding.

5.9 Cummins Engines for Sale

Recharge your Dodge truck with our reconstructed 5.9 Cummins Stage 1 and Stage 2 Performance Long Blocks, designed for 1998-2007 models. Ensure accurate piston-to-cylinder fitting via torque plate honing, reduce friction and enhance mileage with coated pistons and bearings, and fortify gasket security with O-ring-sealed cylinder heads. They come equipped with new head components and improved connecting rod bolts.

Taking it a step further, our Stage 2 engines feature forged connecting rods, ARP head and main studs, and a Stage 1 Hamilton camshaft for enhanced towing and fuel efficiency. We also introduce all-steel rocker arms and piston oilers, high-performance lifters, push rods, and a three-angle valve job to deliver exceptional sealing. Our engines are subjected to thorough in-house inspections, cleaning, and assembly for top-notch quality assurance. We offer secure shipping options if you prefer to have your engine delivered to you.

Crankshaft Inspection

Inspecting the crankshaft requires a detailed examination to identify any signs of wear, damage, or deviation from proper alignment. This approach guarantees the crankshaft’s robustness and operational viability, which is vital for upholding the engine’s performance and prolonging its service life.

Cummins Cylinder Heads for Sale

Enhance your Cummins diesel engine’s performance with our top-quality cylinder heads. At South Houston Engine, each head is meticulously remanufactured, cleaned, and pressure-tested, equipped with O-rings for improved sealing and reduced gasket failures. Featuring all-new components, our heads are ready to bolt on for immediate use, offering exceptional power and durability.


Magnaflux offers a non-destructive means of identifying cracks or faults in metal components through advanced testing methods. This approach includes the introduction of a magnetic field to the part, followed by the use of magnetic powder to highlight flaws. If there are any abnormalities on the metal surface, the powder will gather, making it easy to spot defects.


The process of O-ringing enhances sealing strength by embedding O-rings within the engine block or cylinder head. Widely adopted for its leak-prevention properties, it acts as a barrier against coolant or combustion gas leaks.

Thermal Cleaning

Thermal cleaning employs heat to remove impurities from parts, such as pistons and cylinder heads. By heating the parts to extreme temperatures, any buildup is effectively removed without the use of chemicals or abrasive materials. This approach efficiently preps components for inspection, machining, or rebuilding.

Pressure Testing

The practice of pressure testing involves exposing engine components, such as cylinder heads or engine blocks, to elevated pressure levels to reveal any leaks or weaknesses and validate their structural integrity. Ensuring excellent sealing in diesel engines is paramount because it is essential for achieving peak safety and performance standards.

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

The process of cylinder head rebuilding involves a comprehensive restoration of this key engine component, which includes disassembling, meticulously cleaning, examining for any signs of damage, machining or resurfacing as needed, replacing worn-out parts, and reassembling. This process is critical for preserving peak engine functionality, sealing effectiveness, and longevity.

Our team of diesel mechanics specializes in remanufacturing cylinder heads for light, medium, and heavy-duty diesel engines. Our meticulous process includes complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, and pressure testing to ensure each cylinder head meets or exceeds our own exceptionally high standards. By the time they reach you, our cylinder heads are fully rebuilt and ready to be bolted on. We confidently back our cylinder head rebuilds with a comprehensive 18-month warranty for your complete peace of mind. We also offer O-Ringing for enhanced combustion chamber sealing, which significantly reduces head gasket failures. Trust our engine experts for superior selection and quality in diesel cylinder head rebuilding.

Crankshaft Rebuilding

Engine crankshaft rebuilding focuses on renewing the structural integrity of the central rotational element. It involves taking apart, cleansing, inspecting, machining, and substituting used-up components, such as bearings. The objective is to attain accurate sizing and equilibrium, which are crucial for achieving optimal engine functionality and durability.


Utilizing specialized machinery, surfacing is performed on engine parts like engine blocks or cylinder heads to create a polished and level surface. By smoothing surfaces, this process ensures gaskets seal flawlessly and engines perform effectively with an even mating surface. Surface enhancement is essential for maximizing efficiency and reliability in rebuilding or repair tasks.

Align Boring

Align boring restores the correct alignment and size of main bearing bores. It is critical for peak performance and smooth crankshaft rotation. It corrects wear and misalignment, ensuring that the engine runs smoothly during the diesel engine rebuilding process.

6.7 Cummins Engines for Sale

Achieve superior performance in your Dodge truck with our custom-built 6.7 Cummins Performance Long Blocks, designed for 2007 and later models. The Stage 1 engine offers torque plate honing for precise piston-cylinder alignment, coated pistons and bearings for reduced friction and improved mileage, and ARP head studs for robust gasket clamping. Stop gasket problems with an O-ringed cylinder head, backed by new valves, springs, and guides, offering lasting endurance for both normal and performance driving.

Discover the Stage 2 upgrade, featuring forged connecting rods, steel rocker arms, piston oilers, and high-performance lifters and pushrods. Engineered for longevity and seamless operation, it includes the Stage 1 Hamilton camshaft to enhance towing capacity and fuel economy. The inclusion of main studs, ARP head studs, and O-ring-sealed heads ensures unparalleled performance and reliability in this assembly.


Straightening involves correcting deformations in elements such as crankshafts or connecting rods and ensuring they are aligned properly so they can function properly. Through the use of special equipment, this method reverts the component to its former state, enhancing engine performance and extending its operational life.

Diesel Performance

When it comes to diesel engine excellence, South Houston Engine is the expert in maximizing power, efficiency, and durability. Our services include custom-built performance engines with durability enhancements that incorporate advanced materials, custom tuning for balanced performance, and high-performance upgrades like intercoolers and turbochargers. Utilizing advanced diagnostic technology, we swiftly identify and tackle performance-related issues. We maintain peak engine performance with our routine maintenance and tailored repair solutions. We also offer high-performance parts such as turbos, superchargers, exhaust systems, and fuel systems. Drawing from decades of know-how and a dedication to excellence, we consistently achieve remarkable results and maintain customer satisfaction.

Counter Boring

In the context of our Abilene diesel engine machining services, counter boring is employed to craft recessed regions that allow for the placement of larger seals, fasteners, or bearings within key components like cylinder heads or engine blocks. It ensures proper fit and function, addressing issues like damaged bolt holes or creating flush surfaces for valve seats or injector sleeves. It is paramount for maintaining steady engine performance.

Connecting Rod Reconditioning

Reconditioning connecting rods involves taking apart, cleansing, examining, resizing, and renewing bearings as required to achieve accurate alignment and reduce vibration. This vital practice is integral to increasing the engine’s longevity and is a routine part of maintaining performance and dependability.


Grinding involves polishing or refining surfaces, like cylinder heads or crankshafts, to meet exact measurements or eliminate flaws. Utilizing this approach aids in bringing engine components back to their usual operation and performance levels.

Crack Detection with Sonaflux

Through the application of advanced equipment, Sonaflux crack detection pinpoints irregularities in parts such as cylinder heads or engine blocks via the use of ultrasonic waves. With its non-destructive testing approach, this technology confirms the soundness of components, enabling timely interventions to mitigate risks and improve engine performance.


Balancing guarantees uniform weight distribution and alignment of rotating parts such as the crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons. By reducing vibrations, it lessens wear and tear, strengthens durability, and boosts performance. The process of balancing might entail fine-tuning the weights or configurations of various parts, which is essential for ensuring seamless functioning and prolonged lifespan during engine rebuilding or servicing.


In the realm of our diesel engine machining in Abilene, honing is a detailed process dedicated to perfecting cylinder walls by eradicating flaws like scratches and indentations. By achieving optimal oil retention and piston ring positioning, we guarantee top-notch engine performance and longevity.


Through polishing, surfaces are refined to achieve a smoother surface, resulting in reduced friction. It enhances the effectiveness and robustness of parts like cylinder heads, crankshafts, and camshafts.


Sandblasting, also known as blasting, utilizes abrasive media propelled at high pressure to thoroughly clean engine components. It’s frequently selected as a means to prepare components for rebuilding, inspection, coating, or painting.

Block Boring

Block boring is a diesel engine machining process that renews cylinder dimensions and contour by eliminating flaws like scratches and scoring. This ensures proper sealing integrity of the piston rings, enhancing engine efficiency and lifespan during rebuilds or overhauls.

Align Honing

Align honing properly aligns the major bearing bores of an engine block. A honing machine is used to eliminate material while maintaining precise concentricity and alignment. It is commonly utilized during engine overhauls and rebuilds to fix misalignments caused by improper assembly or wear. It also improves performance and durability by lowering friction.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

High-frequency sound waves in ultrasonic cleaning induce turbulence within the cleaning solution, leading to powerful cleaning action. Submerging engine components like valves and injectors in the liquid enables thorough cleansing and allows for the removal of carbon deposits and impurities from all surfaces. This strategy effectively renews components, leading to increased engine longevity and improved performance.

Flywheel Grinding

The process of flywheel grinding involves the use of a specialized machine to refine the flywheel’s surface and enhance its functionality. It encourages accurate clutch operation, eliminates slippage concerns, and preserves reliability. It is commonly implemented during clutch replacement or diesel engine rebuilding in Abilene to ensure performance dependability.

Jet Spray Cleaning

Through the force of pressurized water or solvent, jet spray cleaning efficiently eliminates oil, grease, dirt, and other impurities from engine components. Well-suited for delicate components, it’s an excellent cleaning technique often utilized before machining, inspection, or rebuilding.


Milling is a machining process that shapes or modifies engine components by removing material with a rotary cutting tool. Ensuring flatness, cutting grooves, or achieving specific measurements on components like crankshafts, cylinder heads, or engine blocks is critical for meeting standards and maximizing efficiency.

Engine Block Rebuilding

Our Abilene engine block rebuilding process involves restoring the main body by disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, machining cylinder bores, and replacing worn components. We strive to achieve the stability and functionality required to ensure reliable and effective operation.

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