Diesel Engine Machine Shop in Baytown

With a legacy dating back to 1983, South Houston Engine has been honored to cater to the needs of Baytown residents, Texans, and clients across the country. Our diesel machine shop is locally owned and operated, and we also hold full licensing, bonding, and insurance. With our esteemed reputation in mind, we meticulously select only the most skilled and qualified individuals to join our team – reflected in our A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver top-notch craftsmanship in each diesel engine service because we strive to consistently surpass our customers’ expectations. You can trust in our services because we back all engine and machine work with a written warranty that guarantees the quality and reliability of our workmanship. Reach out to us today to chat about your needs and experience firsthand why we’re recognized as a household name Baytown and beyond!

Diesel Engine Services

The critical importance of diesel trucks in our wonderful nation cannot be emphasized enough. They work hard to bring us everything, from food to clothing to vehicles and far beyond. As they traverse across countless roads and highways, they bear the brunt of extensive wear and tear. The continuous use of diesel engines makes them highly susceptible to failures. In light of this fact, diesel engines need thorough maintenance to uphold their peak performance and dependability. In cases where vital diesel engine components fail, the choices typically come down to repairing or replacing the engine. South Houston Engine is widely recognized for our diesel engine rebuilding service. It’s a source of pride for us to quickly return America’s invaluable truck drivers to their essential duties and minimize any avoidable interruptions to their lives.

Whether it’s the humble, 2-cylinder Kubota or the powerful V-12 Caterpillar, our adept diesel engine repair technicians are ready to apply their knowledge and skills to the task at hand. We’re committed to meeting your needs individually, adapting our services to suit your engine’s size and complexity. Unlike brokers or resellers, our expertise lies in diesel engine remanufacturing and production, showcasing our hands-on approach. Every engine that emerges from our diesel engine machine shop bears the hallmark of our meticulous craftsmanship. Recognizing the importance of swiftly returning your diesel truck to operation, we extend nationwide shipping with discounted freight rates and pass our cost savings on directly to you.

While reconstructing the engine, we maintain stringent quality controls to ensure that it conforms to or surpasses the standards set by its original manufacturer specifications. We uphold our commitment to excellence through rigorous testing protocols conducted prior to the engine’s release, designed to guarantee its reliability and performance. Every stage of the process, from detailed cleaning and thorough inspections to exact machining and careful assembly, is managed with precision by our skilled technicians. Our extensive written warranties guarantee full coverage for all the services we offer, so you can have full confidence in our expertise. From basic maintenance to comprehensive reconstruction, you can trust our skilled crew to handle your diesel engine needs with expertise and precision.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning employs high-frequency sound waves to stimulate the cleaning solution, facilitating effective cleaning. Submerging engine components like valves and injectors in a cleaning solution ensures thorough cleaning by dislodging carbon deposits and impurities from hard-to-reach areas. Employing this approach systematically revitalizes components, thereby enhancing the engine’s longevity and performance.


Polishing calls for smoothing surfaces to enhance their quality and minimize friction. This increases the durability and performance of components, such as cylinder heads, camshafts, and crankshafts.

Thermal Cleaning

Thermal cleaning processes employ high temperatures to clean parts like pistons and cylinder heads, removing impurities and enhancing efficiency. Through the application of intense heat, the parts are cleansed of any buildup without relying on abrasive substances or chemicals. This approach effectively prepares components for testing, rebuilding, or machining.

Jet Spray Cleaning

Jet spray cleaning removes oil, grease, dirt, and other impurities from engine parts by using solvent or pressurized water. It’s perfect for delicate parts and is a common cleaning procedure before machining, inspection, or rebuilding.


Surfacing utilizes special machinery to mill engine parts, such as cylinder heads or engine blocks, to achieve a level and polished surface. By creating a uniform mating surface for gaskets, this technique removes imperfections and guarantees proper engine function and sealing. Smoothing out surfaces plays a crucial role in upholding the reliability and efficiency of repairs or rebuilds.

Connecting Rod Reconditioning

Reconditioning connecting rods involves breaking down, cleaning, inspecting, resizing, and swapping out bearings as needed to ensure accurate alignment and decrease vibration. This necessary process is pivotal for elongating the engine’s lifespan and is fundamental for maintaining its performance and reliability.

Block Boring

Engine block boring is a diesel engine machining procedure that corrects cylinder size and shape by eliminating defects like scratches and scoring. This secures effective sealing of the piston rings, boosting engine performance and lifespan during rebuilds or overhauls.


Honing is a meticulous technique utilized in diesel engine machining in Baytown to refine cylinder walls and eliminate blemishes, such as scratches and ridges.This process facilitates ideal oil retention and ensures proper seating of piston rings, thereby maximizing engine efficiency and durability.


By incorporating O-rings within the engine block or cylinder head, sealing performance is greatly enhanced. It is a go-to solution for stopping the leakage of combustion gases or coolant.

Crack Detection with Sonaflux

Sonaflux crack detection employs special technology to identify faults in components, such as engine blocks or cylinder heads, via ultrasonic waves. This non-destructive evaluation approach ensures component integrity, allowing for prompt repairs that prevent serious breakdowns and improve the performance of the engine.


Milling is a machining method employed to shape or modify engine components by cutting away material with a rotary cutting tool. Ensuring creating indentations, consistent smoothness, or obtaining accurate sizes on components such as cylinder heads, crankshafts, or engine blocks is vital to meet specifications and enhance performance.


Blasting, sometimes referred to as sandblasting, involves forcefully applying abrasive media onto engine components under extreme pressure to remove contamination. This technique is a popular choice for preparing components for rebuilding, inspection, coating, or painting.

Align Boring

Align boring is essential for restoring the correct alignment and size of main bearing bores to allow for consistent engine performance. It is a vital component in attaining peak operational efficiency and facilitating frictionless crankshaft rotation. Its role in the diesel engine rebuilding process is to rectify both wear and misalignment for smooth engine performance.

Align Honing

Align honing ensures the correct alignment of major bearing bores within the engine block. Preservation of precise concentricity and alignment is ensured as the honing machine removes material. Regularly utilized in engine overhaul and rebuild tasks, it addresses misalignment problems often triggered by wear and assembly irregularities. Additionally, it improves performance and extends the lifespan by mitigating friction.

Flywheel Grinding

Flywheel grinding, which uses specialized equipment, restores the smooth surface of the flywheel. This promotes correct clutch engagement, eliminates slippage, and preserves dependability. It is commonly used during clutch replacement or diesel engine rebuilding in Baytown for optimum performance.


Balancing ensures even weight distribution and alignment of rotating components, like the crankshaft, pistons, and connecting rods. Its goal is to decrease vibration, diminish wear, and elevate both performance and endurance. Adjusting the weights or positioning of components may be necessary to achieve balance, which is a pivotal factor in ensuring the engine’s smooth operation and longevity during rebuilding or maintenance.

Counter Boring

Counter boring, part of our Baytown diesel engine machining services, involves shaping recessed spots to facilitate the fitting of larger fasteners, seals, or bearings in essential components such as engine blocks or cylinder heads. Through the repair of worn bolt holes and the establishment of flush surfaces for injector sleeves and valve seats, it guarantees accurate installation and functional capability. It is paramount for maintaining steady engine performance.


Straightening involves correcting bends in elements like connecting rods or crankshafts so they can maintain optimal alignment and performance. Employing special equipment, this technique re-establishes the component’s original structure and contributes to improved engine performance and increased longevity.

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

The process of rebuilding a cylinder head involves taking it apart, giving it a thorough cleaning, examining for any issues, performing machining or resurfacing as necessary, changing out any parts beyond repair, and then piecing it back together. It is paramount for securing peak engine efficiency, sealing integrity, and a prolonged engine life.


Grinding is the action of machining or refining surfaces, such as crankshafts and cylinder heads, to eradicate flaws or meet precise specs. Employing this method assists in returning engine components to their regular operation and performance.

Crankshaft Inspection

Inspecting the crankshaft entails a comprehensive examination with the goal of uncovering any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. This process ensures the crankshaft’s integrity and functionality, which is crucial for the engine’s performance and longevity.

Engine Block Rebuilding

During Baytown engine block rebuilding, we take apart, clean, assess, hone the cylinder bores, and swap out worn-out parts. This method seeks to uphold performance and structural integrity, resulting in reliable and seamless operation.


Magnaflux utilizes a non-invasive technique to identify flaws or imperfections in metal parts without causing damage. This technique involves applying a magnetic field to the component and then dusting it with magnetic powder. When the metal’s surface is uneven, the powder accumulates, effectively highlighting any imperfections.

Electronic Bolt Extraction

Utilizing advanced electronic equipment, bolt extraction technology gently releases tightly secured bolts as it preserves neighboring components from harm. These tools utilize controlled force or vibration to provide a practical means of extracting bolts that are corroded or overly tightened. These tools speed up repairs while minimizing the chance of damaging components during disassembly or rebuilding.

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing involves subjecting engine parts, like cylinder heads or engine blocks, to elevated pressure levels to uncover any weaknesses or leaks and ensure their reliability and structural integrity. Diesel engines rely heavily on effective sealing to maintain their safety and high performance.

Crankshaft Rebuilding

Crankshaft rebuilding refurbishes the pivotal rotating part of the engine. This procedure includes breaking apart, cleaning, assessing, machining, and replacing deteriorated parts, like bearings. The target is to guarantee exact symmetry and sizing – pivotal components for maximizing engine functionality and durability.

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