Diesel Engine Machine Shop in New Orleans

Since we opened for business in 1983, South Houston Engine has been privileged to serve our New Orleans neighbors and customers throughout the United States. Our locally run and owned diesel machine shop is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Maintaining our sterling reputation is essential to us, which is why we carefully vet and select only the most qualified and professional individuals to join our team – which is evident in our A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. With every diesel engine service, we aim to deliver unmatched craftsmanship that goes above and beyond our customers’ highest standards and ensures their utmost satisfaction. Your peace of mind is invaluable to us, which is why we offer written warranties on all machine and engine work to ensure your confidence in our services. Get in touch now to discuss your needs in-depth and discover why we’re such a trusted name in the New Orleans region and beyond!

Diesel Engine Services

In our nation, diesel trucks serve a crucial function, laboring tirelessly to deliver essential goods – including food, clothing, vehicles, and countless other items – to places near and far. As they navigate through extensive networks of roads and highways, they bear the brunt of significant wear and tear. Their engines, in particular, are susceptible to malfunctions as a consequence of their continuous usage. In light of this fact, diesel engines need thorough maintenance to uphold their peak performance and dependability. When key components malfunction, the typical courses of action are either engine rebuilding or replacement. Our diesel engine rebuilding services at South Houston Engine are renowned throughout the industry. We’re delighted to quickly return America’s esteemed truckers to the controls of their crucial vehicles and help them avoid any wasteful delays.

From the substantial V-12 Caterpillar to the modest 2-cylinder Kubota, our skilled diesel engine repair experts are prepared to handle any engine type. Whether your engine is small and simple or large and intricate, we’ll customize our approach to meet your needs. We aren’t a broker or a reseller – we specialize in both diesel engine remanufacturing and engine production as part of our hands-on approach. Each engine that passes through our diesel engine machine shop is the result of our diligent craftsmanship. Understanding the time sensitivity of having your diesel truck operational, we offer nationwide shipping with discounted freight rates, passing our own cost savings directly on to our valued customers.

In the course of engine reassembly, we enforce strict quality measures to ensure that your engine meets or exceeds the original factory specifications. Prior to its release, we conduct meticulous testing on the engine to ensure it meets our stringent criteria for reliability and performance. Our skilled technicians handle each step of the process with care, from meticulous cleaning and thorough inspections to precise machining and assembly. Our robust written warranties offer complete coverage for all the services we provide, giving you complete assurance and peace of mind. Whether it’s a full-scale engine revamp or a simple adjustment, you can count on our skilled team to deliver exceptional results.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Using ultrasonic technology, high-frequency sound waves create agitation in a cleaning solution, resulting in thorough cleaning. Submerging engine components such as valves and injectors in a cleaning solution ensures comprehensive cleaning, removing carbon deposits and impurities from all nooks and crannies. Employing this technique efficiently rejuvenates components, ensuring optimal engine functionality and extended lifespan.

Block Boring

Block boring is a diesel engine machining process that renews cylinder dimensions and contour by eliminating flaws like scratches and scoring. This ensures the proper sealing of piston rings, fostering greater engine longevity and performance during overhauls or rebuilds.

Align Honing

Align honing methodically aligns main bearing bores within the engine block to exact specifications. Using a honing machine, material is eradicated to guarantee flawless alignment and concentricity. Traditionally used in an engine overhaul or rebuild project, it resolves misalignment concerns typically attributed to wear or assembly discrepancies. It further contributes to heightened performance and fortified durability through friction minimization.

Crankshaft Rebuilding

Crankshaft rebuilding is a process that restores the integrity of the engine’s critical rotational component. This procedure includes breaking apart, cleaning, assessing, machining, and replacing deteriorated parts, like bearings. Our mission is to establish precise sizing and equilibrium, which are vital for achieving desired engine functionality and durability.


Blasting, sometimes referred to as sandblasting, involves forcefully applying abrasive media onto engine components under extreme pressure to remove contamination. This technique is widely used to ready components for painting, coating, inspection, or rebuilding.


Grinding is the process of machining or polishing surfaces, such as crankshafts or cylinder heads, to eliminate flaws or meet exact specifications. The technique aids in the restoration of engine components’ normal operation and performance.

Engine Block Rebuilding

The process of New Orleans engine block rebuilding entails taking apart, cleaning, inspecting, honing cylinder bores, and swapping out damaged parts. The purpose is to establish the strength and functionality essential for consistent and efficient performance.

Pressure Testing

To conduct pressure testing, engine elements like engine blocks or cylinder heads are exposed to elevated pressure levels to identify any weaknesses or leaks and confirm their reliability and structural integrity. This aspect holds significant importance in diesel engines, where achieving effective sealing is vital for ensuring top-notch performance and safety.

Crankshaft Inspection

The process of inspecting the crankshaft involves carefully analyzing it to detect any evidence of damage, deterioration, or misalignment. The execution of this task guarantees the durability and operational effectiveness of the crankshaft, which is pivotal for the engine’s sustained performance and lifespan.

Align Boring

Align boring is essential for restoring the correct alignment and size of main bearing bores to allow for consistent engine performance. It is an imperative step for maintaining frictionless crankshaft rotation and reaching peak operational efficiency. Its role in rectifying misalignments and mitigating wear ensures consistent engine performance throughout diesel engine rebuilding tasks.


Straightening involves correcting bends in elements like connecting rods or crankshafts so they can maintain optimal alignment and performance. Through the use of specialized equipment, this method reverts the component to its optimal form, therefore contributing to better engine performance and increased longevity.


O-ringing improves sealing effectiveness by installing O-rings within the cylinder head or engine block. Its primary function is to prevent the leakage of combustion gases or coolant.


Utilizing magnetic particles, Magnaflux can pinpoint cracks or flaws in metal components without altering their physical properties. It begins by magnetizing the component, after which magnetic powder is applied to its surface. Any variations on the metal surface lead to the powder gathering, making it simple to pinpoint flaws.

Counter Boring

In the context of our New Orleans diesel engine machining services, counter boring is employed to craft recessed regions that allow for the placement of larger seals, fasteners, or bearings within key components like cylinder heads or engine blocks. By repairing worn bolt holes and creating flush surfaces for injector sleeves and valve seats, it guarantees precise fitting and functionality. Its significance cannot be overstated in guaranteeing engine reliability.

Thermal Cleaning

Utilizing intense heat, thermal cleaning eradicates pollutants from components like cylinder heads and pistons, ensuring cleanliness and functionality. By subjecting the parts to high temperatures, this technique effectively removes buildup without the necessity of chemicals or abrasive agents. This technique effectively readies components for testing, rebuilding, or machining.


Honing is a detailed procedure we perform in our diesel engine machining in New Orleans designed to enhance cylinder walls by eradicating imperfections, such as scratches and indentations. This process ensures the correct positioning of piston rings, promoting oil retention to maintain engine performance and longevity.

Electronic Bolt Extraction

Specialized electronic equipment is employed in electronic bolt extraction to free stubborn bolts safely and avoid harm to any nearby components. These tools utilize controlled force or vibration to provide a practical means of extracting bolts that are corroded or overly tightened. They expedite repairs while ensuring minimal risk of component damage during disassembly or rebuilding.


Through polishing, surfaces are refined to achieve a smoother surface, resulting in reduced friction. This improves the strength and functionality of components, including cylinder heads, camshafts, and crankshafts.

Connecting Rod Reconditioning

To guarantee perfect alignment and prevent vibration, connecting rods are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and resized, and bearings are replaced as needed. This critical practice increases the engine’s longevity and is a standard step in maintaining performance and dependability.


Milling is a manufacturing process that shapes or modifies engine parts by cutting away material with a spinning cutter. Creating even surfaces, carving slots, or obtaining accurate measurements on elements such as crankshafts, engine blocks, or cylinder heads is vital to enhance functionality and adhere to specifications.

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

To rebuild a cylinder head, it must be disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, inspected for damage, machined or resurfaced as needed, any worn-out parts must be replaced, and then it can be reassembled. It is necessary for optimal engine efficiency, sealing integrity, and a long engine life.


Balancing ensures that rotating components like the pistons, crankshaft, and connecting rods are evenly weighted and aligned for optimal performance. Its purpose is to decrease vibration levels, thus minimizing wear and tear and enhancing performance and endurance. Adjusting the weights or positioning of components may be necessary to achieve balance, which is a pivotal factor in ensuring the engine’s smooth operation and longevity during rebuilding or maintenance.

Flywheel Grinding

The specialized technique of flywheel grinding utilizes dedicated machinery to refine the flywheel’s surface and optimize its performance. Such measures ensure efficient clutch operation, eradicate the possibility of slippage, and uphold consistent reliability. It’s a widely adopted practice during clutch replacement or diesel engine rebuilding in New Orleans to maximize performance potential.

Crack Detection with Sonaflux

With the aid of innovative technology, Sonaflux crack detection locates defects in components like cylinder heads or engine blocks by employing ultrasonic waves. Employing this method of non-destructive assessment guarantees the solidity of components, enabling swift interventions that prevent major malfunctions and enhance engine performance.

Jet Spray Cleaning

With the application of intense streams of water or solvent, jet spray cleaning thoroughly purges engine parts of oil, grease, dirt, and various other contaminants. This method is perfect for intricate components and is a fundamental stage in the cleaning process prior to inspection, machining, or rebuilding.


Surfacing is the process of machining engine components, such as engine blocks or cylinder heads, to a flat and smooth surface using special machinery. By smoothing surfaces, this process ensures gaskets seal flawlessly and engines perform effectively with an even mating surface. Achieving a smooth surface is vital for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of repairs or rebuilds.

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