Diesel Engine Machine Shop in San Antonio

Since 1983, South Houston Engine has been dedicated to providing exceptional service to San Antonio residents, Texans, and clients nationwide. Our diesel machine shop is fully bonded, licensed, and insured because your trust is invaluable to our locally owned and locally operated business. We only allow the most qualified, professional, and skilled individuals to join our team because we have such a stellar reputation to uphold – including an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver top-notch craftsmanship in each diesel engine service because we strive to consistently surpass our customers’ expectations. Your peace of mind is invaluable to us, which is why we offer written warranties on all machine and engine work to ensure your confidence in our services. Reach out today to tell us all about your needs and learn firsthand what distinguishes us as a trusted name in the San Antonio community!

Diesel Engine Services

The critical importance of diesel trucks in our wonderful nation cannot be emphasized enough. They tirelessly deliver everything we need to make our daily lives more convenient, from clothing and food to cars and beyond. Traveling across various roads and highways, they experience significant wear and tear throughout their journeys. Their engines, in particular, are predisposed to breakdowns because of the constant demands placed upon them. Therefore, meticulous servicing is necessary to preserve top-tier performance and dependability for these engines. In situations where critical components of diesel engines fail, the solution usually entails repairing or replacing the engine. Diesel engine rebuilding service is our specialty at South Houston Engine, setting us apart as industry leaders. We’re thrilled to quickly return America’s esteemed truckers to the driver’s seat of their essential rigs and assist them in avoiding any disruptions.

Whether it’s the powerful V-12 Caterpillar or the humble 2-cylinder Kubota, our capable diesel engine repair technicians are ready to address your engine needs. Whether your engine is small and simple or large and intricate, we’ll customize our approach to meet your needs. We differentiate ourselves from brokers and resellers by specializing in the direct diesel engine remanufacturing and engine production with a distinct, hands-on approach. The engines passing through our diesel engine machine shop showcase the painstaking craftsmanship applied to each component. Understanding the pressing need to have your diesel truck operational, we provide nationwide shipping at discounted freight rates by passing our cost savings on to you.

When reassembling the engine, we rigorously enforce quality controls to ensure that it meets or surpasses the standards set by its original factory specifications. We ensure top-notch quality through extensive testing protocols performed before the engine is released to guarantee its reliability and performance. Each phase of the process is expertly handled by our specialists, from thorough cleaning and detailed inspections to precise machining and meticulous reassembly. With our comprehensive written warranties, you can trust that all the services we provide are fully covered and have full confidence in our work. Trust our proficient team to handle any diesel engine task, whether it’s a comprehensive overhaul or routine maintenance.

Jet Spray Cleaning

Utilizing powerful jets of water or solvent under pressure, jet spray cleaning effectively removes dirt, grease, and oil from engine components. Ideal for sensitive components, it’s an excellent cleaning process frequently utilized before machining, inspection, or rebuilding.


Straightening ensures that components like connecting rods and crankshafts are free of bends, allowing for proper alignment and function. This process utilizes specialized equipment to return the component to its original form, thus improving engine performance and extending its lifespan.

Align Boring

Align boring restores proper alignment and dimensions to main bearing bores. This step is necessary for achieving peak performance and facilitating effortless crankshaft rotation. It is a vital component in attaining peak operational efficiency and facilitating frictionless crankshaft rotation. Its role in the diesel engine rebuilding process is to rectify both wear and misalignment for smooth engine performance.


Grinding involves refining or polishing surfaces, like cylinder heads or crankshafts, to eliminate flaws or meet exact specifications. Through this process, engine components can regain their ideal operation and performance.

Engine Block Rebuilding

During San Antonio engine block rebuilding, we disassemble, clean, inspect, machine the cylinder bores, and replace damaged components. The objective is to establish the durability and functionality needed to ensure consistent and effective operation.

Electronic Bolt Extraction

Electronic bolt extraction involves using specialized electronic instruments to release difficult, stuck bolts without causing damage to adjacent parts. These devices use vibration or controlled force, making them ideal for loosening overtightened or corroded bolts. They speed up repairs and lower the likelihood of damage to components during the rebuilding or disassembly processes.

Cummins Cylinder Heads for Sale

Elevate your Cummins diesel engine’s capabilities with our high-quality cylinder heads. South Houston Engine ensures precision remanufacturing, thorough cleaning, and rigorous pressure testing, before fitting O-rings to prevent gasket leaks. Boasting all-new components, our heads are prepped for immediate installation, superior power, and long-term dependability.


Blasting, commonly referred to as “sandblasting,” utilizes forceful projection of abrasive materials onto engine parts to eliminate impurities. This method is commonly chosen to prepare parts for painting, coating, inspection, or rebuilding.

Crankshaft Rebuilding

Crankshaft rebuilding restores the critical rotating component of the engine. When we complete this process, we disassemble, clean, inspect, machine, and change out old, worn parts, such as bearings. The objective is to attain accurate sizing and equilibrium, which are crucial for achieving optimal engine functionality and durability.

Thermal Cleaning

Through the application of heat, thermal cleaning removes contaminants from parts like pistons and cylinder heads. By heating the parts to extreme temperatures, any buildup is effectively removed without the use of chemicals or abrasive materials. Employing this strategy ensures that components are suitably prepped for testing, rebuilding, or machining.

Connecting Rod Reconditioning

Connecting rod reconditioning involves disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, resizing, and replacing bearings as needed to ensure proper alignment and reduce vibration. This crucial measure greatly extends the engine’s lifespan and is vital for preserving its reliability and performance.

Diesel Performance

At South Houston Engine, we excel in enhancing diesel engine performance by optimizing power, efficiency, and longevity. Our services include custom performance engine builds with high-performance upgrades like turbochargers and intercoolers, custom tuning for balanced performance, and durability enhancements using advanced materials. We use state-of-the-art diagnostics to identify and address performance issues. Our routine maintenance and specialized repairs keep engines running at peak efficiency. We also offer high-performance parts such as turbos, superchargers, exhaust systems, and fuel systems. With decades of expertise and a commitment to quality, we ensure exceptional results and customer satisfaction.


Milling is a machining technique that sculpts or transforms engine components by utilizing a rotating cutting tool to eliminate material. Ensuring creating indentations, consistent smoothness, or obtaining accurate sizes on components such as cylinder heads, crankshafts, or engine blocks is vital to meet specifications and enhance performance.


Honing is a meticulous technique utilized in diesel engine machining in San Antonio to refine cylinder walls and eliminate blemishes, such as scratches and ridges. This approach fosters excellent oil retention and ensures the piston rings are seated correctly, promoting superb engine performance and durability.


The act of polishing works to refine surfaces, improving their overall finish and reducing friction. It enhances the durability and effectiveness of parts such as crankshafts, cylinder heads, and camshafts.


Achieving balance ensures that the connecting rods, crankshaft, and pistons are all aligned precisely and have their weight evenly distributed. Its goal is to decrease vibration, diminish wear, and elevate both performance and endurance. Achieving balance might involve adjusting the distribution or positions of parts, which is imperative for ensuring consistent operation and prolonged service life in engine rebuilding or servicing tasks.

Counter Boring

Counter boring, an essential technique in San Antonio diesel engine machining, involves crafting recessed spaces to accommodate larger fasteners, bearings, or seals within components such as cylinder heads or engine blocks. Its purpose is to guarantee correct installation and operation, resolving concerns like compromised bolt holes or establishing smooth surfaces for injector sleeves or valve seats. It is indispensable for maintaining engine dependability.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Utilizing ultrasonic technology, this cleaning method activates the cleaning solution through the agitation caused by high-frequency sound waves. Submerging engine parts like valves and injectors allows waves to reach deep crevices and remove carbon deposits or other impurities. Utilizing this strategy effectively revitalizes parts, ensuring optimal engine function and extended operational lifespan.

6.7 Cummins Engines for Sale

Experience unparalleled performance in your Dodge truck with our custom 6.7 Cummins Performance Long Blocks, built specifically for 2007 and newer models. With torque plate honing, your Stage 1 engine will deliver precise piston-cylinder alignment, reduced friction thanks to coated pistons and bearings, and improved gasket clamping force from ARP head studs. The cylinder head is O-ringed to prevent gasket failures, and all components, including valves, springs, keepers, and guides, are brand new, ensuring extended durability for mild street or performance use.

Embrace the Stage 2 upgrade, which adds forged connecting rods, steel rocker arms, piston oilers, and upgraded lifters and pushrods to your engine. Designed for smooth operation and extended lifespan, it’s combined with the Stage 1 Hamilton camshaft for better towing and fuel economy. The inclusion of main studs, ARP head studs, and O-ring-sealed heads ensures unparalleled performance and reliability in this assembly.

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing includes putting engine components, such as engine blocks or cylinder heads, through high pressure to detect weaknesses or leakage and verify their dependability and integrity. This is especially important for diesel engines, where good sealing is required for peak safety and performance.


The process of O-ringing involves the insertion of O-rings into either the cylinder head or engine block to bolster sealing. It is often implemented to stop combustion gas or coolant leakage.

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

To rebuild a cylinder head, it must be disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, inspected for damage, machined or resurfaced as needed, any worn-out parts must be replaced, and then it can be reassembled. It plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal engine operation, sealing reliability, and an extended engine lifespan.

Our team has honed the art of remanufacturing cylinder heads for light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty diesel engines. We adhere to a meticulous protocol that includes complete disassembly, extensive cleaning, and rigorous pressure testing to achieve the highest quality standards in each cylinder head. After thorough remanufacturing, our cylinder heads are prepped and set for quick and easy bolt-on installation. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are guaranteed with our 18-month cylinder head warranty. Our O-Ringing method reinforces combustion chamber sealing and greatly diminishes head gasket failure risks. Depend on our proficient engine technicians for exceptional choices and precision in rebuilding diesel cylinder heads.

Flywheel Grinding

Flywheel grinding, which uses specialized equipment, restores the smooth surface of the flywheel. It secures precise clutch operation, eliminates any chances of slipping, and ensures consistent reliability. It is common during clutch replacement or diesel engine rebuilding in San Antonio for performance upkeep.

Block Boring

Block boring is a diesel engine machining procedure used to refine cylinder dimensions and contour by eliminating flaws like scratches and scoring. This allows for the optimal sealing of piston rings, leading to enhanced engine durability and performance during overhauls or rebuilds.

5.9 Cummins Engines for Sale

Recharge your Dodge truck with our reconstructed 5.9 Cummins Stage 1 and Stage 2 Performance Long Blocks, designed for 1998-2007 models. Ensure precise piston-to-cylinder alignment via torque plate honing, reduce friction and enhance mileage with coated pistons and bearings, and fortify gasket security with O-ring-equipped cylinder heads. They come equipped with new head components and improved connecting rod bolts.

Advancing the power, our Stage 2 engines integrate forged connecting rods, sturdy ARP head and main studs, and a Stage 1 Hamilton camshaft for improved towing and fuel efficiency. We also integrate steel rocker arms and piston oilers, high-performance lifters, push rods, and a valve job with three angles for superior sealing. Every engine undergoes a rigorous in-house inspection, cleaning, and assembly process to guarantee superior quality. Your engine can be shipped securely to your location with our reliable shipping options.


Magnaflux takes a non-invasive approach to uncovering flaws or imperfections within metal components. This step involves magnetizing the object and then applying magnetic powder to reveal any flaws. When the metal surface is flawed, the powder gathers, aiding in the easy identification of any irregularities.

Crack Detection with Sonaflux

Through its innovative process, Sonaflux crack detection employs tailored procedures and ultrasonic waves to detect flaws in components like engine blocks or cylinder heads. This approach of non-destructive evaluation validates the strength of components, enabling quick repairs that mitigate serious disruptions and amplify engine capabilities.

Crankshaft Inspection

Inspecting the crankshaft involves a meticulous review to identify any indications of damage, wear, or deviation from correct alignment. Implementing this approach ensures the crankshaft’s durability and efficiency, which is paramount for prolonging the engine’s lifespan and optimizing its performance capabilities.


Specialized machinery is utilized in the surfacing process to mill engine parts like cylinder heads or engine blocks, ensuring a flawless and smooth finish. By creating a smooth and uniform mating surface for gaskets, this process eliminates flaws, ensuring effective sealing and peak performance. Achieving a smooth surface is vital for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of repairs or rebuilds.

Align Honing

Engine block major bearing bores are accurately aligned using align honing techniques. The process utilizes a honing machine to extract material, ensuring flawless alignment and concentricity. Frequently integrated into an engine overhaul or rebuild project, it resolves misalignments arising from improper assembly or wear. It also fosters heightened performance and prolonged durability by reducing friction.

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