Diesel Engine Machine Shop in Laredo

South Houston Engine has been committed to serving Laredo residents and customers from all corners of the country since 1983. Our diesel machine shop holds full bonding, insurance, and licensing because as a locally operated and locally owned company, our customers’ peace of mind is paramount. Because we have a stellar reputation and an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating to uphold, we only hire the most adept, proficient, and seasoned professionals. With each diesel engine service, we strive to earn our customers’ trust by delivering superior craftsmanship and continually aiming to exceed their expectations. With our written warranty covering all engine and machine work, you can be confident in the quality and reliability of the services we provide. Reach out today to share your needs and see for yourself what makes us such a respected business in the Laredo region and far beyond!

Diesel Engine Services

Diesel trucks are instrumental in the operation of our wonderful nation, tirelessly ensuring the safe transportation and delivery of various essentials – including clothing, food, vehicles, and more. Constantly traversing highways and roads, they endure considerable strain and damage. Diesel engines operate on a near-constant basis, so they are particularly susceptible to breakdowns. As a consequence, these engines require meticulous servicing to maintain peak performance and reliability. In cases where vital diesel engine components fail, the choices typically come down to repairing or replacing the engine. South Houston Engine is acknowledged far and wide for our expert diesel engine rebuilding service. It’s a source of pride for us to promptly return America’s critical truck drivers to their essential roles and minimize any unwarranted downtime.

Our proficient diesel engine repair specialists are equipped to handle a wide range of engines, from the sizable V-12 Caterpillar to the compact 2-cylinder Kubota. No matter how complex or large your engine is, we’ll handle your needs with personalized attention. Unlike brokers or resellers, our expertise lies in diesel engine remanufacturing and production, showcasing our hands-on approach. Each engine exiting our diesel engine machine shop is an example of our meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. Understanding the pressing need to have your diesel truck operational, we provide nationwide shipping at discounted freight rates by passing our cost savings on to you.

Throughout the engine reassembly process, we adhere to rigorous quality protocols to guarantee that your engine not only meets, but also surpasses its original manufacturer specifications. Before the engine is sent out, we conduct thorough testing to uphold our high standards for quality, reliability, and performance. With meticulous attention to detail, our expert specialists manage each step of the process, ensuring thorough cleaning, precise inspections, accurate machining, and careful reassembly. Enjoy worry-free service with our comprehensive written warranties, which offer complete coverage for all our services. From minor tune-ups to major overhauls, our experienced team is equipped to handle all your diesel engine needs with precision and efficiency.

Align Boring

Our align boring services are used to restore accurate alignment and dimensions within main bearing bores. This step is necessary for achieving peak performance and facilitating effortless crankshaft rotation. By rectifying misalignments and addressing wear, we can achieve dependable engine functionality throughout the diesel engine rebuilding process.

Engine Block Rebuilding

The process of Laredo engine block rebuilding entails taking apart, cleaning, inspecting, honing cylinder bores, and swapping out damaged parts. The objective is to establish the durability and functionality needed to ensure consistent and effective operation.


Abrasive blasting, commonly known as “sandblasting,” is the pressurized projection of abrasive materials onto engine parts to eliminate contamination. This technique is widely used to ready components for painting, coating, inspection, or rebuilding.

Align Honing

Through align honing, major bearing bores are aligned properly within the engine block. Through the utilization of a honing machine, material is eliminated to ensure exact alignment and concentricity. Typically utilized during engine overhaul or rebuild tasks, it remedies misalignments stemming from improper assembly or wear. It also aids in optimizing performance and extending durability through friction reduction.


Surfacing uses specialized equipment to machine engine components, like cylinder heads or engine blocks, for a smooth and flat finish. This process creates a consistent mating surface for gaskets, removing imperfections and enabling proper sealing for peak engine performance. Smoothing out surfaces is crucial during repair or rebuilding tasks to guarantee optimal performance and dependability.


Honing is a highly accurate process used in diesel engine machining in Laredo that works to polish cylinder walls and eliminate flaws, such as groovers or scratches. This enables optimum oil retention and piston ring seating, resulting in optimal engine performance and a long, reliable engine lifespan.


Balancing is essential for achieving consistent weight distribution and proper alignment of moving elements like the connecting rods, pistons, and crankshaft. This leads to a reduction in vibrations, resulting in less wear, improved durability, and enhanced performance. Fine-tuning the weight distribution or arrangements of parts may be required to achieve balance, which proves indispensable for promoting consistent operation and prolonged durability in engine rebuilding or repair tasks.

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing involves placing engine components like cylinder heads or engine blocks under high pressure to identify leaks or weaknesses and confirm their dependability. Sealing quality is paramount in diesel engines because it directly impacts their ability to deliver peak performance and ensure safety.


Grinding is the process of refining or machining surfaces, like crankshafts or cylinder heads, to remove imperfections or achieve precise standards. Through this process, engine components are returned to their optimum functionality and performance.


Straightening is a method employed to straighten bent components like crankshafts or connecting rods and ensure they function smoothly. Using specialized equipment, this procedure reverts the component to its original form, thereby improving engine performance and extending its operational life.

Crankshaft Rebuilding

Crankshaft rebuilding revitalizes the fundamental revolving component of the engine. This process comprises deconstructing, cleaning, evaluating, machining, and swapping out worn parts, like bearings. The aim is to ensure exact balance and measurements, which are fundamental for maximizing engine effectiveness and longevity.

Crack Detection with Sonaflux

With its innovative approach, Sonaflux crack detection harnesses unique technology to detect defects in components like engine blocks or cylinder heads through the use of ultrasonic waves. By utilizing non-destructive testing procedures, this technology validates component integrity, enabling timely interventions to mitigate potential hazards and enhance engine efficiency.


The process of O-ringing involves the insertion of O-rings into either the cylinder head or engine block to bolster sealing. Often utilized for leak prevention, it effectively seals off potential coolant or combustion gas leakage.

Jet Spray Cleaning

Through the force of pressurized water or solvent, jet spray cleaning efficiently eliminates oil, grease, dirt, and other impurities from engine components. Suited for intricate components, this method serves as an essential first step in the cleaning process before inspection, machining, or rebuilding.


Magnaflux is a non-destructive evaluation technique for finding cracks or faults in metal parts. It consists of introducing a magnetic field to the part and then using magnetic powder to dust it. Any abnormalities in the surface of the metal will cause the powder to accumulate and allow for simple diagnosis by clearly highlighting the flaw.


Milling is a manufacturing process that shapes or modifies engine parts by cutting away material with a spinning cutter. Precision is paramount when it comes to crafting grooves, refining surfaces, and achieving precise measurements on engine components like engine blocks, cylinder heads, and crankshafts to ensure they function optimally and conform to specifications.

Crankshaft Inspection

Inspecting the crankshaft necessitates a close inspection to pinpoint any indications of wear, damage, or deviation from correct alignment. Employing this technique guarantees the crankshaft’s robustness and efficiency, which is critical for extending the engine’s lifespan and improving its performance.

Connecting Rod Reconditioning

Achieving ideal alignment and vibration control necessitates the disassembly, thorough cleaning, inspection, resizing, and potential replacement of bearings in connecting rods. This essential step contributes to prolonging the engine’s lifespan and is integral to upholding its performance and dependability.

Thermal Cleaning

Thermal cleaning employs heat to remove impurities from parts, such as pistons and cylinder heads. It entails heating the parts at elevated temperatures and eliminating buildup without the use of abrasives or chemicals. This approach effectively prepares components for testing, rebuilding, or machining.


The process of polishing involves refining surfaces to enhance their performance and reduce friction. It improves the performance and resilience of elements like crankshafts, camshafts, and cylinder heads.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

High-frequency sound waves in ultrasonic cleaning induce turbulence within the cleaning solution, leading to powerful cleaning action. Submerging engine components like injectors and valves allows the waves to reach intricate crevices, removing contaminants like and carbon deposits. This method adeptly revitalizes parts, fostering enhanced engine performance and prolonged longevity.

Electronic Bolt Extraction

Using advanced electronic machinery, bolt extraction techniques delicately dislodge firmly secured bolts, preventing any detrimental impact to adjacent parts. These tools employ controlled force or vibrations, making them perfect for loosening bolts that are overly tightened or corroded. They facilitate swift repairs and minimize the possibility of component damage during disassembly or rebuilding.

Counter Boring

Counter boring, an integral aspect of Laredo diesel engine machining, entails shaping recessed sections to accommodate larger fasteners, bearings, or seals within key components such as cylinder heads or engine blocks. Its function is to secure proper alignment and operational integrity, addressing issues such as flawed bolt holes or establishing uniform surfaces for valve seats or injector sleeves. It is essential to ensure consistent engine operation.

Flywheel Grinding

Flywheel grinding employs a unique machine to restore the flywheel’s smoothness and enhance its efficient operation. It fosters accurate clutch interaction, eliminates any instances of slippage, and maintains reliability. It is often practiced during clutch replacement or diesel engine rebuilding in Laredo to maintain performance reliability.

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

Cylinder head rebuilding involves restoring this vital engine part through a series of steps, including disassembly, thorough cleaning, damage assessment, machining or resurfacing, part replacement, and final reassembly. It plays a critical role in maintaining maximum engine performance, sealing effectiveness, and a long engine lifespan.

Block Boring

Block boring is a diesel engine machining process focused on restoring cylinder shape and size by remedying defects like scoring or scratches. This ensures proper piston ring sealing to enhance engine performance and longevity during rebuilds or overhauls.

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