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South Houston Engine has been a trusted name in the industry for decades, providing quality service to Lafayette residents and customers nationwide since 1983. Our diesel machine shop is fully bonded, licensed, and insured because your trust is invaluable to our locally owned and locally operated business. Our commitment to upholding our A+ Better Business Bureau Rating and exceptional reputation are highlighted by our hiring of only the most adept, competent, and seasoned professionals. Our dedication to delivering superior craftsmanship in each diesel engine service is driven by our goal to exceed our customers’ highest expectations without fail. We stand behind the quality of our work by issuing a written warranty for all engine and machine work to provide you with assurance and peace of mind. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and experience what sets us apart as a reputable member of the Lafayette community!

Diesel Engine Services

Diesel trucks are the backbone of our country’s logistics, ensuring the delivery of essential items such as food, clothing, vehicles, and many other necessities to places near and far. As they endure constant travel on highways and roads, they suffer significant wear and tear. Their engines, in particular, are susceptible to breakdowns because of the relentless usage they endure. For this reason, diesel engines require meticulous care to maintain peak performance and reliability. When essential diesel engine components malfunction, the options are usually to repair or replace the engine. Our diesel engine rebuilding service at South Houston Engine is renowned throughout the industry. We’re thrilled to quickly return America’s esteemed truckers to the driver’s seat of their essential rigs and assist them in avoiding any disruptions.

From the unassuming 2-cylinder Kubota to the formidable V-12 Caterpillar, our proficient diesel engine repair specialists are equipped to handle any job. No matter how complex or large your engine is, we’ll handle your needs with personalized attention. Our emphasis on engine production and diesel engine remanufacturing distinguishes us from brokers and resellers and reflects our hands-on approach. Every engine that enters our diesel engine machine shop undergoes a transformation guided by our meticulous craftsmanship. We grasp the importance of promptly restoring your diesel truck’s functionality, which is why we provide nationwide shipping at discounted freight rates and pass our savings on to our loyal customers.

During engine reassembly, we adhere to stringent quality controls that ensure your engine meets or exceeds its original factory specifications. Prior to its release, we conduct meticulous testing on the engine to ensure it meets our stringent criteria for reliability and performance. Each phase of the process is expertly handled by our specialists, from thorough cleaning and detailed inspections to precise machining and meticulous reassembly. Enjoy worry-free service with our comprehensive written warranties, which offer complete coverage for all our services. From basic maintenance to comprehensive reconstruction, you can trust our skilled crew to handle your diesel engine needs with expertise and precision.

Electronic Bolt Extraction

Employing sophisticated electronic devices, bolt removal technology effectively loosens resistant bolts while safeguarding adjacent parts from potential damage. Through the application of controlled force or vibration, these instruments are well-suited for the task of loosening bolts that are overly tightened or corroded. These tools expedite the repair timeline while decreasing the chances of component damage during disassembly or rebuilding.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning involves the utilization of high-frequency sound waves to create turbulence in the cleaning solution, delivering exceptional cleaning results. Submerging engine components like valves and injectors in a cleaning solution ensures thorough cleaning by dislodging carbon deposits and impurities from hard-to-reach areas. Employing this technique efficiently rejuvenates components, ensuring optimal engine functionality and extended lifespan.


Milling is a machining technique that sculpts or transforms engine components by utilizing a rotating cutting tool to eliminate material. Attaining accuracy in slot cutting, surface refinement, and measurement precision on engine parts such as blocks, crankshafts, and cylinder heads is essential to ensure proper operation and guarantee their adherence to specifications.

Crack Detection with Sonaflux

Sonaflux crack detection employs special technology to identify faults in components, such as engine blocks or cylinder heads, via ultrasonic waves. This approach of non-destructive evaluation validates the strength of components, enabling quick repairs that mitigate serious disruptions and amplify engine capabilities.

Engine Block Rebuilding

During Lafayette engine block rebuilding, we disassemble, clean, inspect, machine the cylinder bores, and replace damaged components. The purpose of this process is to maintain performance and structural integrity, resulting in dependable and consistent operation.


Blasting (sometimes known as “sandblasting”) is the process of forcing abrasive media onto engine parts under extreme pressure in order to remove contamination. It is a preferred means for priming components for rebuilding, inspection, coating, or painting.


Through straightening, bends in components such as crankshafts and connecting rods are corrected to ensure proper alignment and function. Using unique equipment, this approach returns the component to its former state, leading to enhanced engine performance and prolonged durability.

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

Cylinder head rebuilding is a meticulous process aimed at reviving this critical engine component, involving careful disassembly, rigorous cleaning, meticulous inspection for any defects, precision machining or resurfacing, replacement of worn components, and meticulous reassembly. It is essential for peak engine performance, sealing integrity, and longevity.

Connecting Rod Reconditioning

Ensuring optimal alignment and minimal vibration entails dismantling, meticulously cleaning, inspecting, resizing, and if required, replacing bearings in connecting rods. This necessary step significantly extends the engine’s durability and is a customary practice for ensuring dependability and performance.

Align Honing

Main bearing bores are meticulously aligned through precision align honing in an engine block. Material removal by the honing machine preserves precise concentricity and alignment. A customary step in an engine overhaul or rebuild, it remedies misalignments frequently caused by wear or assembly inconsistencies. It also contributes to performance optimization and long-term durability by reducing friction.

Crankshaft Inspection

Crankshaft inspection mandates a careful assessment to uncover any indications of damage, deterioration, or misalignment issues. This strategy ensures the crankshaft’s robustness and efficacy, which is pivotal for sustaining the engine’s lifespan and maximizing its performance capabilities.

Flywheel Grinding

Flywheel grinding employs a unique machine to restore the flywheel’s smoothness and enhance its efficient operation. This guarantees smooth clutch engagement, eliminates slipping, and upholds dependability. It’s a widely adopted practice during clutch replacement or diesel engine rebuilding in Lafayette to maximize performance potential.


Balancing ensures that rotating components, such as the connecting rods, pistons, and crankshaft, are in alignment and weight is evenly distributed. This leads to a reduction in vibrations, resulting in less wear, improved durability, and enhanced performance. Balancing may involve adjusting weights or positions of components, which is crucial for smooth operation and longevity in engine rebuilding or repair.

Align Boring

Using align boring, we can rectify misalignments and size inconsistencies in main bearing bores. It is critical for peak performance and smooth crankshaft rotation. It corrects misalignment and wear, ensuring reliable engine operation during diesel engine rebuilding.

Pressure Testing

In pressure testing, engine parts like cylinder heads or engine blocks are subjected to increased pressure levels to detect any leaks or weaknesses and confirm their reliability. This aspect holds significant importance in diesel engines, where achieving effective sealing is vital for ensuring top-notch performance and safety.


Utilizing specialized machinery, surfacing is performed on engine parts like engine blocks or cylinder heads to create a polished and level surface. Providing a flawless mating surface for gaskets, this process eradicates imperfections, ensuring tight seals and optimal engine operation. Smoothing out surfaces plays a crucial role in upholding the reliability and efficiency of repairs or rebuilds.

Crankshaft Rebuilding

Crankshaft rebuilding is a process that restores the integrity of the engine’s critical rotational component. This includes disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, machining, and changing out worn components, like bearings. The goal is to achieve precise dimensions and balance, which are required for desirable engine performance and a long lifespan.


Polishing involves refining surfaces to enhance their performance and minimize friction. It optimizes the resilience and efficiency of components like cylinder heads, crankshafts, and camshafts.


Honing is a careful procedure used in our diesel engine machining in Lafayette that is concentrated on refining cylinder walls by smoothing out flaws like grooves or scratches. This step ensures piston rings are correctly positioned, aiding in oil retention for improved engine operation and longevity.


Magnaflux offers a non-destructive means of identifying cracks or faults in metal components through advanced testing methods. It begins by subjecting the component to a magnetic field and then dusting it with magnetic powder. When the metal surface is flawed, the powder gathers, aiding in the easy identification of any irregularities.

Counter Boring

Counter boring, a crucial technique in Lafayette diesel engine machining, involves crafting recessed spaces to accommodate larger fasteners, seals, or bearings within components like engine blocks or cylinder heads. Its function is to repair worn bolt holes and create smooth surfaces for valve seats and injector sleeves, ensuring proper alignment and functional effectiveness. The reliability of engine performance is closely linked to this task.

Thermal Cleaning

Utilizing intense heat, thermal cleaning eradicates pollutants from components like cylinder heads and pistons, ensuring cleanliness and functionality. By utilizing elevated temperatures, this method effectively eliminates buildup from the parts without the need for abrasive materials or chemicals. Utilizing this method ensures that components are effectively prepped for testing, rebuilding, or machining.


Grinding is the process of machining or polishing surfaces, such as crankshafts or cylinder heads, to eliminate flaws or meet exact specifications. Through this process, engine components can regain their ideal operation and performance.

Block Boring

Block boring is a diesel engine machining procedure used to refine cylinder dimensions and contour by eliminating flaws like scratches and scoring. This maintains correct piston ring sealing, which improves engine longevity and performance throughout overhauls or rebuilds.

Jet Spray Cleaning

High-pressure jet spray cleaning employs forceful streams of water or solvent to eliminate impurities such as dirt, grease, and oil from engine parts. Ideal for sensitive components, this technique is a necessary preliminary stage in the cleansing process before inspection, machining, or rebuilding.


O-ringing improves seals by placing O-rings inside the engine block or cylinder head. It is often implemented to stop combustion gas or coolant leakage.

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