Diesel Engine Machine Shop in Shreveport

Since 1983, South Houston Engine has been honored to extend our exceptional service to our Shreveport neighbors and customers nationwide. Our locally owned, locally operated diesel machine shop is fully insured, bonded, and licensed. Our stringent hiring process ensures that we hire only the most proficient, capable, and experienced individuals to maintain our esteemed reputation – underscored by our A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. Providing exceptional craftsmanship in every diesel engine service is our pledge to our customers, as we continuously work to surpass their expectations. We understand the importance of your peace of mind, which is why we provide written warranties on all machine and engine work to guarantee the quality of our services. Contact us now to share your needs and find out why we’re recognized as the most reliable choice in the Shreveport community!

Diesel Engine Services

Diesel trucks serve a vital role in our beautiful country. They work tirelessly to provide us with everything we need, including clothing, food, transportation, and much more. They suffer significant wear and tear as they travel constantly around highways and roads near and far. Because of their continuous operation, diesel engines are especially prone to failure. As a result, these engines require rigorous servicing to maintain top performance and dependability. When essential diesel engine components malfunction, the options are usually to repair or replace the engine. South Houston Engine is widely recognized for our diesel engine rebuilding services. We are delighted to get America’s fine truckers back in the driver’s seat of their critical machines as soon as possible and to assist them in avoiding wasteful downtime.

Our proficient diesel engine repair specialists are equipped to handle a wide range of engines, from the sizable V-12 Caterpillar to the compact 2-cylinder Kubota. No engine is too big or too intricate for us to handle, because we personalize our services to meet your exact needs. Rather than acting as brokers or resellers, we focus on a hands-on approach that involves direct diesel engine remanufacturing and production. Every engine manufactured in our diesel engine machine shop reflects our dedication to precision and craftsmanship. Recognizing the urgency of returning your diesel truck to the road, we extend nationwide shipping at reduced freight rates by sharing our cost savings with our cherished customers.

Throughout the engine reassembly process, we maintain rigorous quality controls to guarantee that your engine meets or surpasses its original factory standards. Before the engine is sent out, we conduct thorough testing to uphold our high standards for quality, reliability, and performance. From thorough cleaning and inspections to precise machining and meticulous assembly, every step of the process is managed with care by our skilled technicians. Our thorough written warranties cover all of our services. Trust our proficient team to handle any diesel engine task, whether it’s a comprehensive overhaul or routine maintenance.


Grinding involves the machining or smoothing of surfaces, like crankshafts or cylinder heads, to remove imperfections or achieve precise measurements. Employing this method assists in returning engine components to their regular operation and performance.

Flywheel Grinding

With the aid of specific equipment, flywheel grinding ensures the restoration of the flywheel’s smoothness. This method ensures proper clutch activation, eradicates slippage risks, and preserves dependability. This process is frequently utilized during clutch replacement or diesel engine rebuilding in Shreveport to maintain peak performance.


Surfacing involves the utilization of specialized machinery to mill engine parts like engine blocks or cylinder heads and ensure a leveled and refined surface. Providing a flawless mating surface for gaskets, this process eradicates imperfections, ensuring tight seals and optimal engine operation. Ensuring surface integrity is essential for maximizing efficiency and reliability in rebuilding or repair projects.


Straightening is done to rectify bends in components such as connecting rods and crankshafts, ensuring proper function and alignment. This returns the part to its former shape, improving engine performance and lifespan using specialized equipment.

Engine Block Rebuilding

During Shreveport engine block rebuilding, we take apart, clean, assess, hone the cylinder bores, and swap out worn-out parts. The purpose is to guarantee the resilience and operational effectiveness needed for reliable operation.


O-ringing fortifies seals through the integration of O-rings within the engine block or cylinder head. Widely adopted for its leak-prevention properties, it acts as a barrier against coolant or combustion gas leaks.

Crankshaft Inspection

Crankshaft inspection mandates a careful assessment to uncover any indications of damage, deterioration, or misalignment issues. This approach guarantees the crankshaft’s robustness and operational viability, which is vital for upholding the engine’s performance and prolonging its service life.


In milling, engine parts are reshaped or altered through the use of a rotary cutting tool to carve away material. Ensuring flatness, cutting grooves, or achieving specific measurements on components like crankshafts, cylinder heads, or engine blocks is critical for meeting standards and maximizing efficiency.

Align Boring

Align boring restores the correct alignment and size of main bearing bores. It is crucial for smooth crankshaft rotation and optimal performance. By rectifying misalignments and addressing wear, we can achieve dependable engine functionality throughout the diesel engine rebuilding process.


Honing, an integral part of our diesel engine machining in Shreveport, is a precise method focused on refining cylinder walls by smoothing out imperfections like grooves or scratches. This process facilitates ideal oil retention and ensures proper seating of piston rings, thereby maximizing engine efficiency and durability.

Jet Spray Cleaning

High-pressure jet spray cleaning employs forceful streams of water or solvent to eliminate impurities such as dirt, grease, and oil from engine parts. Tailored for fragile components, it’s an ideal cleaning method routinely applied prior to machining, inspection, or rebuilding.

Counter Boring

Counter boring is a Shreveport diesel engine machining technique that forms recessed spots to accommodate larger seals, bearings, or fasteners in components such as engine blocks or cylinder heads. It ensures correct fit and operation by repairing worn bolt holes and establishing flush surfaces for injector sleeves and valve seats. It is critical for consistent engine performance.


Polishing involves refining surfaces to enhance their smoothness and decrease friction. This improves the functionality and lifespan of parts like cylinder heads, camshafts, and crankshafts.

Thermal Cleaning

Thermal cleaning utilizes elevated temperatures to eliminate contaminants from components like pistons and cylinder heads. By subjecting the parts to high temperatures, this technique effectively removes buildup without the necessity of chemicals or abrasive agents. Employing this technique ensures that components are suitably primed for inspection, machining, or rebuilding.


High-pressure blasting, often termed sandblasting, employs abrasive agents propelled at forceful speeds to cleanse engine parts effectively. It is a preferred means for priming components for rebuilding, inspection, coating, or painting.

Block Boring

Block boring is a diesel engine machining operation that improves cylinder shape and size by addressing flaws such as scoring or scratches. This ensures the proper sealing of piston rings, fostering greater engine longevity and performance during overhauls or rebuilds.

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

To rebuild a cylinder head, we must disassemble it, meticulously clean all parts, scrutinize for damages, perform machining or resurfacing where necessary, replace any unusable components, and then put it back together. It plays a critical role in maintaining maximum engine performance, sealing effectiveness, and a long engine lifespan.

Connecting Rod Reconditioning

To guarantee perfect alignment and prevent vibration, connecting rods are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and resized, and bearings are replaced as needed. This necessary step significantly extends the engine’s durability and is a customary practice for ensuring dependability and performance.

Pressure Testing

In pressure testing, engine parts like cylinder heads or engine blocks are subjected to increased pressure levels to detect any leaks or weaknesses and confirm their reliability. Proper sealing is of utmost importance in diesel engines, as it directly impacts both performance and safety.

Align Honing

Align honing precisely aligns main bearing bores in an engine block. Material removal by the honing machine preserves precise concentricity and alignment. Frequently integrated into an engine overhaul or rebuild project, it resolves misalignments arising from improper assembly or wear. It also improves performance and durability by lowering friction.


Proper balancing ensures that the connecting rods, crankshaft, and pistons are harmoniously aligned and have evenly spread weight. This action reduces vibrations, mitigates wear and tear, and amplifies performance and robustness. Adjusting the distribution or positions of elements may be necessary to ensure balance, which is crucial for maintaining seamless operation and prolonged service life in engine rebuilding or upkeep.


Magnaflux takes a non-invasive approach to uncovering flaws or imperfections within metal components. This technique involves applying a magnetic field to the component and then dusting it with magnetic powder. Any irregularities in the metal’s surface will cause the powder to gather, which highlights the flaw for easy detection.

Crack Detection with Sonaflux

With its innovative approach, Sonaflux crack detection harnesses unique technology to detect defects in components like engine blocks or cylinder heads through the use of ultrasonic waves. Utilizing this non-destructive evaluation technique confirms the robustness of components, facilitating rapid repairs that ward off critical failures and elevate engine efficiency.

Electronic Bolt Extraction

Advanced electronic equipment is used in electronic bolt extraction to delicately release difficult bolts and ensure the protection of nearby components. By employing controlled force or vibration, these devices excel at loosening bolts that have become overly tightened or corroded. These tools speed up repairs while minimizing the chance of damaging components during disassembly or rebuilding.

Crankshaft Rebuilding

Crankshaft rebuilding works to bring back the strength and functionality of the engine’s pivotal revolving part. When we complete this process, we disassemble, clean, inspect, machine, and change out old, worn parts, such as bearings. The target is to secure precise proportions and balance, which are necessary for maximizing engine efficiency and lifespan.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning employs sound waves of high frequency to agitate the cleaning solution vigorously, achieving complete cleaning. Submerging engine elements like injectors and valves facilitates the penetration of waves into narrow crevices, eliminating impurities like carbon buildup. This method adeptly revitalizes parts, fostering enhanced engine performance and prolonged longevity.

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